What is Therapeutic Conversation?

This holistic and synthesized approach is founded on my experience, meditations, contemplation, analysis, observation and study of psychological, astrological and spiritual literature, as well as a decade of personal growth work. I've collected these insights and applied them to my approach. We start with you, yourself, and we work from that place, recognizing that all begins with consciousness and thinking. We explore your concerns with an open-mind, recognizing how thinking informs what we believe, and therefore, what we see and experience, as a basic law of cause and effect. We work with perspective, broadening the horizon of possibility for your current circumstance, getting honest about what is really working for you or not...what is really true?

Your astrological chart will be used and referenced in our sessions together as a tool and guide for greater self-awareness (referencing both tropical and Vedic traditions). This is not a belief system or philosophy, but a tool to work with cosmic symbolic language. Sessions combine reasoning and reflection, deep listening and empathy, considering the role of science and faith in health and well-being.

My education includes completing an intensive three plus years psychotherapy training program, and working as a talk therapist for 5 years with adults in private practice. I have had a decade long journey of experimenting with healing modalities and alternative medicine. I've also completed two trainings in Level 1 and Level 2 astrology with the CAAE in Toronto, and began my serious study about 8 years ago.