My chosen mediums for working with clients is astrology and psychology. While I will be a forever student of life and these subjects, I believe that practicing what I am learning helps me make new discoveries. 

Astrology is an ancient art and science, and the ecliptic, or zodiac wheel, I think, is an excellent visual analog and set of archetypes and symbols to express the individual soul's journey. The aparent path of the Sun, which is the spark of life that you are a piece of, is illustrated by your zodiac sign's journey on the ecliptic.

While there are endless systems of astrology, and different interpretations of data for specific outcomes, I like to focus on character and individuation. I think that working with the cosmic language and astrological archetypes are an excellent resource for speculating on potentialities within the character. 

Analyzing the data I see from your birth chart, we can get a picture of some of the different energies at play, and how the internal archetypes are talking to one another.

Ultimately, the intention with this work is to awaken you to your own potential, not by limiting you to your chart and it's symbols, but by encouraging your continual growth via the archetypes, and an eventual transcendence of the ephemeral idea of yourself, into one more lasting and true. This is seen through the 12 houses, the 12 signs and their planetary rulers. 

Astrology is alive and dynamic, and just like you, it is always in the process of growth and change. You grow with your chart, and my goal is for you to continue to open to greater levels of awareness through this tool. We can observe endless perspectives, and all will lead to the same place - you are you and that is your power. All this to say - you are not your zodiac signs or your chart - you are so much more, yet sometimes this cosmic picture can provide some perspective in any areas you may be curious about.